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Required Medications

Medication collection and storage: All medications should be turned over to camp staff to be secured in an area under the control of staff except for emergency medications such as epinephrine auto-injectors and inhalers.
It is not recommended that campers transport medications each day to and from camp. Parents/guardians should request that the pharmacy provide two containers, one to remain at home and one to remain at camp.
Repackaging or re-labeling of prescription medications is prohibited. Prescription medication must be in its original container with labeling that includes but is not limited to:
Ø  Complete name of patient
Ø  Date prescription filled
Ø  Expiration date
Ø  Directions for use/precautions (if any), and storage (if any)
Ø  Dispensing pharmacy name & address
Ø  Name of physician prescribing medication
Stock supplies of non-prescription medications (over-the-counter items) may be maintained by the camp or brought to camp by individual campers. Individual patient non-prescription medications should be labeled with the complete name of the patient.
All campers’ medication (prescription or non-prescription) must be accompanied by a patient-specific written order from a licensed prescriber. Pharmacy labeling on the medication is not sufficient for this purpose as the medication, dosage, and or regimen may have been changed since the pharmacy filled the prescription.